Our Mission

The Greater Impact Foundation funds stage two for-profit social enterprises that focus acutely on poverty eradication.  It is a borderless organization intent on enabling those at the bottom of the pyramid to achieve self-sufficiency in a sustainable, environmentally viable and scalable manner.  The mission revolves around the belief that providing a “hands up” versus a “hand out” approach to the marketplace is empowering.


Enabling those at the bottom of the pyramid is GIF’s mission.  Doing it efficiently is the key.  That is why we focus on for-profit social enterprises that eventually no longer need outside financial support to thrive.


Organizations that have lasting impact are by their very nature sustainable.  They have a social business model that focuses on generating profit so they can reinvest that resource, scale to a large size and enable as many people as possible to escape poverty without relying on others to fund their vision.


How It Works

If you are a stage two for-profit social enterprise that can demonstrate measurable traction and the ability to scale over time than you may be a perfect fit for the Greater Impact Foundation.


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