The Drishtee Foundation works with rural communities in India, usually through entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises and by providing access to essential products and services like education, micro-finance, banking and health it catalyzes livelihood opportunities in these rural villages. Drishtee has trained 2000 women in spinning, weaving, stitching and embroidery. Out of this Drishtee catalyzed 31 women to form a producer organization called “Drishtee Rural Apparel Producer Company” (DRAP) on a hub and spoke model. Within one year 28 women have started earning more than USD 1 a day. Since the success of the DRAP model, Drishtee plans to replicate the model to 25 additional spokes to train 600 more women and provide direct employment to 250 of these women within the next 12 months. These women are expected to earn $ 2 per day from the 3rd month of their employment.