Food For the poor

Food For The Poor is the largest international relief agency in the United States according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy and more than 95% of all donations go directly to programs that help the poor.  In conjunction with the American-Nicaraguan, Foundation Greater Impact Foundation and Food For The Poor embarked on an ambitious mission to train bean, tomato and papaya farmers in new techniques to improve crop production and quality to make possible the sale of produce in both the formal and informal markets throughout Nicaragua.  Starting from scratch with the most remote farmers in Nicaragua, Greater Impact Foundation helped build a cooperative of over 850 farmers with high quality bean seed and bean grain production, tomatoes that were commanding greater margins in formal stores such as Wal*Mart and papaya farmers capable of growing 700 trees on every half hectare  generating thousands of pounds of world class papaya for sale across the country.

Food For The Poor’s unique capabilities in Nicaragua have now lead to a multi-partner project that will reach 2000 farmers in the Dry Zone, many who have suffered crop loss from drought and disease.  These farmers will be retrained to grown cocoa and dragon fruit, 100% which will consumed in preestablished deals with key market customers.