MoringaConnect is using the nutrient rich moringa tree to unlock the potential of high value agriculture in Ghana and eradicate poverty and malnutrition. They leverage a vertically integrated supply chain for moringa based food products (under the brand Minga Foods) and beauty products (under the brand True Moringa) and in the process solve key gaps in the supply chain that prevent smallholder farmers from participating in the global market for moringa. MoringaConnect provides farming partners with the training they need to grow moringa commercially, seed and inputs they need to maximize their yields, nutrition workshops focused on integrating moringa leaves into their diet, and a signed contract guaranteeing them a market for their moringa produce (seeds and leaves) and yearly bonuses. MoringaConnect then buys their supply, providing year-round income: seeds in the dry season and leaves in the rainy season.

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Atofuo Aziya preparing moringa seed for storage in Dasabligo village.JPG
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