Up ENergy

UpEnergy distributes high quality, affordable clean energy products such as cook stoves, solar lanterns and water filters in the developing world. They focus on the marketing and logistics effort required to overcome the accessibility and affordability barriers to clean energy products. A technology agnostic company, they source locally appropriate products that sell through both direct and partner sales channels. Their direct sales efforts them to gather market intelligence, which is then transferred to their partner channels such as our network of retailers / micro- entrepreneurs.

UpEnergy has been operational in Uganda since 2011 and currently employs 17 staff members in the Uganda office.  Of these 17 staff members, it is estimated that 14 of them used to live very close to the poverty level i.e. earning close to $2.50 per day prior to their engagement.   UpEnergy has built a network of distribution partners resulting in the sale of over 25,000 clean energy units including cook stoves, water filters and solar lanterns. To date, they have impacted the lives of over 125,000 Ugandans.