EcoZoom East Africa Ltd. incorporated in 2013 and is a social enterprise and certified B Corp that makes clean cook stoves accessible and affordable in developing countries. Since its incorporation in April of 2011, EcoZoom has sold over 83,000 cook stoves in 14 countries throughout Latin America and Africa. Its primary markets of focus have been Mexico, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa and Somalia.

While successfully and profitably selling cook stoves to international distributors for two years, EcoZoom developed several new products to fit market needs and expanded its influence in the cook stove industry.  In 2011, one of the biggest gaps identified to fill in the cook stoves industry was lack of reliable, consistent and scalable manufacturing of fuel and emissions efficient cook stoves.  As EcoZoom gained more experience working with distributors they discovered other gaps to satisfy to create successful cook stove projects. This was the beginning of the EcoZoom Sustainable User Uptake Program (SUUP).

EcoZoom sells products that are healthy, efficient and ecofriendly. They reduce smoke, harmful emissions and burns. Save time, money and fuel. And save forests and the planet.

We believe in providing quality products with big impact for users.