Eco-Fuel Africa

Eco-Fuel Africa converts bio-waste into a highly effective eco-fuel that burns more efficiently than charcoal with less of the negative environmental and health impact.  Plus, it is less expensive.  Micro-entrepreneurs (marginalized women) are trained and set up in official Eco-Fuel Africa kiosks to facilitate sales.  These women are highly motivated.  To be an “official distributor” their children must be enrolled in school.  Many expand their business to fully establish themselves as THE informal market general store in their neighborhoods.  Complementing this business Eco-Fuel Africa now franchises the business model in remote rural markets with strict rules of engagement that further empowering the women running the franchises.  Eco-Fuels business model has effectively allowed these franchise operators and micro-entrepreneurs to earn incomes that enable them to rapidly exit the bottom of the pyramid to enter the middle class with potential to go well beyond.