Transformative Talent

Don’t you just love reading about transformative ideas that change the ways we do and think about things for the better?  It just feels good knowing that there are incredibly talented people out there not just thinking about what is possible, but doing so in a practical way that is both disruptive and constructive at the same time.  In my role as the Executive Director for the Greater Impact Foundation I am constantly searching for organizations led by talent that does just this in the social impact space  addressing poverty.  We cast a wide net seining through myriad enterprises.  And, just like the fisherman who often finds something in his net that is a perfect catch, but also discovers things that are not, we do as well.   Two cases are perfect examples.

MoringaConnect in Ghana led by Kwami Williams and Emily Cunningham has established a dual market business model that monetizes Moringa in the food and beauty space.  The backbone of their business centers around the empowerment of Ghanaian farmers struggling to productively manage their land and earn an income that enables them, over time, to exit the bottom of the economic pyramid.  Check them out

Moringa has been around for a very long time and its miracle-like attributes are becoming well known.  Kwami and Emily have figured out a unique way to monetize it while truly generating a double bottom line impact.  More impressive, and less well known are the proprietary  processes in development.  Shush! Top secret! They would have to kill me if I let on.  I have included two videos here, one short, The other is longer,  so you can get a feel not only for the power of Moringa, but also for the unabashed talent leading the way.

Alternatively, the Greater Impact Foundation learned about GreenWave,, another fascinating business led by Bren Smith, a great talent and storyteller.  We have not yet committed to supporting GreenWave, but we are watching closely.  Vertical ocean farming is a wonderful business model that solves multiple problems.  Watch this video and you will understand why.

Why do I love my job?  Well, helping create sustainable incomes for those in greatest need is key.  But, meeting people like Kwami, Emily and Bren is an over-the-top benefit.  You cannot beat it.