The Ideal GIF Partner

What makes a great partner for GIF?

The breed of organization GIF loves to become involved, under challenging environments, knows how to create and develop practical, durable, affordable, repeatable solutions to everyday problems at their root cause.

The kind of organization GIF loves to get involved with has talent, not just enthused, more aptly, infused, at all levels, with the mission driven drive to over deliver to their customers wherever they may be, aiding and abetting the downfall of poverty. Combine that intangible with a heart filled with goodwill and you may have the perfect storm.  Talent matters.

A great company has a plan with the experience to execute it, measure it and then improve on it.  Blending the metrics and reporting mechanisms into the operational flow is second nature.

At any social impact organization with one or more years of traction that demonstrates the ability to be sustainable and achieve scale over the long run is encouraged to apply.  This is especially true if the five paragraphs herein resonate inside your organization.