The Flame of the Blue Dragon

blue dragon.jpg

My friends at Sistema Biobolsa, a terrific enterprise the Greater Impact Foundation supports may not like me ripping off one of their stories to talk about here.  Then again, they may like the added exposure.  But, I had to share it because the combination of a very practical and affordable solution for converting biowaste to both methane for cooking and heating which saves money with a second by product of organic manure which improves productivity on small rural farms in Mexico is a great product solution especially for small rural farmers who have no access to such solutions, more often available in large towns and small cities. It is simple to make, simple to install, simple to maintain, saves money, improves productivity and is reasonably easy to pay off often within a year.  For us at GIF, Sistema Biobolsa is a poster child for the kind of enterprise we love to support.   And, while biowaste includes quite a range of organic materials, the best part of the Sistema model is its ability to turn manure into gold.  Maybe not gold, but definitely enough pesos to make a difference.  But, this story alone is not what I want to share.

Sistema has begun to integrate the benefits of the biodigester in to the social fabric of Mexican culture, preparing the next generation in a simple, but creatively impactful way to think about their future and how there are all sorts of solutions to problems if only you think creatively about  how to solve them.  I do not need to elaborate.  Watch this video.  It tells the story way better than I do.