Initial Application

The Greater Impact Foundation (GIF) is focused on measurable poverty alleviation. We support for-profit enterprises that can demonstrate a pathway to sustainability and the potential to scale. Therefore, it is mandatory that interested organizations can demonstrate that they are well on their way to that objective. As such, GIF does not fund startups or ventures. We only engage with organizations that can demonstrate traction with a multi-year P & L that clearly demonstrates steady revenue growth, stable margins, and cost controls that indicate a financial pathway to success.

No less important, if not more important is the talent depth within an interested enterprise. Experience, maturity and attitude remains key. We know without it nothing else matters. Moreover, we strongly believe that leadership that is of local origin is critical. Absentee leaders need not apply. Depth in the organization is critical.

Metrics are equally important. GIF expects its partner to document and measure results on an individual basis. Our primary measure is to improve incomes for those in greatest need and we have specific guidelines that are fundamental to a partnership. Simply stated, if you are seeking a grant it is expected that your organization can demonstrate impact at a cost of roughly $300 USD per direct individual impacted. We value the indirect impact. We value the PPI as a way to further measure that indirect impact, but foremost we look at income for the primary beneficiaries as the key measurement.

The GIF portfolio continues to evolve. We are very interested in micro-infrastructure enterprises, proprietary consumer products organizations and robust sales and distribution models that provide linkage to markets. We do engage with other organizations depending upon their business model, but we remain focused on sustainable, scalable, measurable enterprises with the talent and methodology to thrive in challenging market conditions.

If you are interested in applying, please provide the following information in a separate document:

Organization Name and Contact Information:

Title of the Project:

Amount of Funding Requested:

  • Please provide a brief history of your enterprise to date.
  • We seek to fund financially sustainable enterprises. Please provide your P & L with the trailing three years and forward looking projections.
  • Provide the project detail for which you are requesting funding broken down into phases with a timeline. What are your project milestones in the next 12 – 18 months.
  • How is this project innovative and/or addressing a high need that is not being addressed by other organizations?
  • A fundamental part of GIF’s mission is to fund projects that enable people to lift themselves out of poverty. Define monetary poverty in the community that the project serves and explain how long it will take to elevate people above the poverty line.
  • Explain the long term goal for self-sufficiency.
  • Provide talent profiles.


Once we receive this initial application, if the Board expresses interest GIF will contact you to complete the formal application. This initial application is designed to provide a screen to determine the viability of the opportunity without the extensive detail required for final funding.